About Us


THERMALTECH GROUP specialize in industrials furnace works, design, supply and installation and management of refractory linings for all high temperative industrial processes.

We combine our extensive experience for over 20 years since 1991, which means we can tailor-make a practical solution to your needs.

Main companies under THERMALTECH GROUP are:
  • Thermaltech Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
  • Heat-Tech Instruments

Our staffs are our assets. Today, THERMALTECH GROUP have a professional teams, which comprises of management, sales, marketing, technical and administrative.

Our management, sales and technical teams are all from technical background and are constantly updated with latest information. Therefore any of our management, sales and technical staffs are fully qualified to consult and design a high temperature thermal solution tailor to the customer needs.

As for our technical team, they have gone through all products courses. THERMALTECH GROUP management stress highly on technical competency and our technical staffs are constantly sent for the latest product training classes to upgrade their skills.


Thermaltech Solutions can design, supply and install refractory in new plants as well upgrade and repair existing units. Our close working relationship with Specialist design engineers from our principal such as Morgan Thermal Ceramics (UK), Vesuvius (M'sia), Hasle Refractory (Denmark) and Calderys (China) means we can offer cost effective and innovative solutions to any refractory and improved performances.

Thermaltech Solutions provides the most experienced supervisor, operators to execute all type of refractory installation. This includes ceramics fiber, insulating firebrick, conventional bricks, lightweight and dense gunning or casting grades and high technology low cement and not-wetting cement products.

With experienced supervision to ensure that refractories are correctly installed to both material supplier's specification and to our client's satisfaction. We also ensure projects are completed on time.

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